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I am, by nature, absorbed by the notion of constructing an environment for creative ideas. An ecosystem not only understanding of its connectedness, but dependent upon it. I believe the present is about expanding and coexisting- with fashion and art being no exception. The five years I spent intensely training my hand and eye in painting prepared me for the adaptive 'big-picture' approach fashion apparel demands. Determination and commitment are a must-have.

The ability to critique, solve abstract problems, construct two or three-dimensionally, and put myself in the role of the consumer are all industry skills my fine arts background instilled. Whether beginning at concept with those looking to start their own businesses, or elevating the work of already well-established designers; every step of the development process awards a moment to delight in. As someone with the responsibility of content research, designing on-brand garments, and physically constructing samples, I've had to adapt to multiple roles. Existing, creating, and being influenced by the environments presented in each new challenge ensure there's never a boring day of work.

From my roots in Louisville KY, to my education in Philadelphia, K U T / / Z O’s move to NYC felt like a natural next step. I’m thrilled to collaborate with designers, artists, and all industry professionals alike to embrace the future— where art, fashion, and ethics collide.

(P.S. Have something you feel passionately about that calls you to visually bring it into being? I'm always itching to work on new projects!)